ZOC22b miniature pressure scanner

Features and Specifications

  • +/- .08% full scale long term accuracy (5-50
  • 32 pressure inputs, option of 64 duplesed pressure
  • 20kHz scan rate (analog)
  • Dual pressure ranges available
  • Vacuum, 5 inch H20 up to 50 psid pressure
  • Auto zero offset correction
  • Purge valve incorporated into ZOC22b
  • Field replaceable pressure sensors


The ZOC22b is designed to measure gas pressures only. It has an analog output of +/- 0-2.5Vdc, or optionally +/-0-5Vdc to operate with customers’ “in-house data system or Scanivalve’s model
(Remote A/D) or DSM4000 (Digital Service Module) Pressure Measurement System.
The ERAD4000 and DSM4000 convert the ZOC22b’s analog output to temperature compensated Engineering units, and then output data Ethernet TCP/IP or UDP.Typical ZOC22b applications include pressure measurement on wind tunnel tests, wind engineering tests, wind turbine validation tests, and flight tests. An optional ZOCTCU Thermal Control Unit is available for use in flight tests or other extreme temperature testing. The ZOCTCU allows the ZOC22b to operate in an environment down to -45 deg C.


The Model ZOC22b electronic pressure scanning module is extremely compact and accepts up to 32 pneumatic inputs and converts them to high level electronic signals. Each ZOC22b module incorporates 32 individual silicon pressure sensors, calibration valving, a high speed multiplexer (45kHz), and an instrumentation amplifier. An integral “duplexing” valve is optionally available to allow the ZOC22’s 32 sensors to service up to 128 input pressures.The ZOC22 module also incorporates a calibration valve that allows the ZOC sensors to be automatically calibrated on-line as well as purge the input lines of contaminants or condensation.Two ZOC22 versions are available:ZOC22b/32Px – 32 Px inputs each with its own dedicated sensors.ZOC22b/32PxX2 – 64 Px inputs duplexed* between 32 sensors.



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