DSM4000 Digital Service Module

Features and Specifications


  • DSP Technology
  • Sample rates up to 625 Hz/channel
  • Accepts up to 8 ZOC electronic pressure scanners (512 channels max)
  • Ethernet 100baseT
  • ARINC429 (optional)
  • Digital Input and Output capability
  • IEEE-1588 v2 PTP compliant with software update


 DSM4000/Ethernet(General, Wind Tunnel)

The DSM4000’s rugged construction, digital input and output capabilities and fast data throughput rates are ideally suited for many applications including wind tunnel and gas turbine testing. One DSM4000 can support up to eight ZOC pressure scanners and output all data, converted to engineering units at up to 625 Hz/channel. All communications are through the single Ethernet 100baseT connection. For applications where the DSM4000 is too large, Scanivalve’s ERAD4000 may be a good alternative.

DSM4000/ARINC429(Flight Test)

The ARINC429 version of the DSM4000 maintains all of the features and functionality of the Ethernet version except it has eight transmit-only ARINC429 channels in addition to the 100baseT Ethernet port. The DSM4000’s power supply was specifically designed around the demanding requirements of a flight test application and can operate over a wide voltage input range. The Ethernet port remains fully functional for communication, data acquisition, setup, and diagnostics.


 The Digital Service Module, DSM4000, is designed to interface up to eight Scanivalve ZOC pressure scanners or EIM (Electrical Input Module) units to an Ethernet network. The DSM4000 is a complete data acquisition system built in a rugged, stainless steel enclosure. The DSM4000 performs all of the engineering unit conversion, configuration and communication tasks for the analog ZOC modules and also gives the user 5 digital inputs and outputs. These outputs may be used to drive solenoid valves such as Scanivalve’sDSMCPM or MSCP.

The DSM4000 utilizes advanced DSP (Digital Signal Processor) architecture. This processor is specifically designed for extremely fast math functions and is able to rapidly convert and output engineering unit data. The DSM4000 references pressure-temperature lookup tables that are uniquely created for every ZOC scanner. This pressure/temperature characterization allows for accurate pressure measurements across the full 0-60°C temperature range of the ZOC modules, minimizing errors due to temperature changes. The DSM4000 module can also perform zero offset correction calibrations on the ZOC modules. This feature, along with Scanivalve’s unique calibration procedures allow accuracy specifications to be maintained for up to 6 months on most ZOC modules.

The DSM4000 is 70% smaller and 55% lighter than its predecessor, the DSM3400. Additionally, all moving components have been removed, the entire system is simpler and many features have been added. The DSM4000 boots significantly faster than the DSM3400 and is completely independent of Windows®operating system.


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