MPS4264 – Miniature Pressure Scanner

Miniature Ethernet Pressure Scanner

Features and Specifications

  • Integral Processor for Direct Ethernet connection
  • New valve design provides “isolate-purge”
  • Dynamic Zero Correction for unmatched sensor stability
  • Standard or “Normal Px” valve control
  • IEEE1588-2008v2 PTP compatible
  • Up to 2,500 samples/channel/second in “Fast Mode”, 850 samples/channel/second standard.
  • Integral web server
  • Simple LabVIEW®  integration
MPS4264/64Px Miniature Pressure Scanner  (General, Wind Tunnel, Flight Test)The MPS4264 is a unique 64 channel pressure scanner versatile enough to be used for many applications.  It is the perfect choice where space is limited such as wind tunnel models where it is also important to keep tubing length as short as possible.  Significant improvements have been made in this next generation product with regard to accuracy when used in dynamic temperature environments.  This also makes the MPS an excellent choice for flight test or other demanding applications.  Also available for the MPS is a Thermal Control Unit (TCU) designed to protect the MPS in harsh environments and provide temperature control when the module may be subjected to extreme temperatures.

The MPS4000 miniature pressure scanner has been designed from the ground up to be a ‘game changer’ in the world of multi-channel miniature pressure measurement.  Scanivalve has spent years developing a product that will exceed expectations where collecting high speed / high accuracy data is paramount, and space limitations are a consideration.  The MPS scanner is a complete data acquisition system simply requiring a low current dc power source (9-36Vdc) and an Ethernet connection.   It has a very small footprint, TCP/IP connectivity, IEEE1588 support, and a wealth of other innovative features.The entire MPS4264 scanners is built around a brand new ultra-stable pressure sensor.  Scanivalve has worked directly with a leading pressure sensor manufacturer to develop a custom packaging solution that allows us to maximize the transducers’s stability and accuracy.

Additionally, 8 digital temperature chips have been integrated directly onto the pressure transducer circuit board to provide very accurate temperature compensation/correction.Another significant improvement and feature of the MPS is the new valve design.  The valve can be ordered in different configurations the normal (NPx) version of the valve which defaults to the measurement mode and eliminates the need for any control pressure source except when changing the module state into Calibration / Purge mode.  This can greatly simplify the system architecture and eliminate the need for multiple valves and a constant source of ‘muscle’ pressure.  The alternate configuration is legacy compatible which we call Control Px (CPx).  This allows the MPS modules to be installed alongside legacy product which required control pressure to be applied to switch into Measurement or Calibration / Purge mode.   The new valve design is also maintenance free.The MPS4264 is easy to use and will quickly integrate into your system.   There is an integrated web server allowing the user to configure and operate the unit(s) from any device on the network.  Those wanting to use a LabVIEW® interface will be pleased to find the MPS was designed with this in mind and sample VI’s are available upon request.


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