Nyclamp Screw Back Tool

Features and Specifications

  • Tools available for use on .063, .125, and .125HW tubing
The nylon screw-back tool is designed to manually install the
helical NYCLMP’s over the bulge of the tubulation. The versatile
long handled version, model NCSBTL3, is especially suited for
installing the NYCLMP’s in hard to reach locations. The short
handled version, model NCSBTL2, is used on Scanivalve tubulations
and panels where space is available.The screw-back tool is slipped onto the tubing so as to push the
NYCLMP towards the tubulation bulge until the bulge is engaged. By
rotating the screw-back tool a few revolutions, it will screw the
NYCLMP up over the bulge. Continue turning the knurled handle on
the screw-back tool until the clamp is located 80% over the bulge
(on the side of the bulge away from the tubing).When heavy walled .125 tubing is used, specify the correct tool
for heavy wall with a HW in the part number.


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