Industrial Pressure and Temperature Measurement

Industrial Measurement is a wide term covering many applications. Scanivalve products have been successfully used to measure pressure and temperature in these industries. These applications include but are not limited to:
* Boiler temperature Monitoring
* Gas Turbine Burner Test Stand
* Pumps & Compressor Testing
* Refrigeration Compressors
* Diesel Engine Testing
* Diesel Locomotive Testing
* Tank Level measurement via a Bubbler system
* 3-15 psi Pressure measurement
* Water basins, Tow tanks

dsa3217colorDSA3217 Pressure Scanner – Gas Measurement
DSA3217 (Digital Sensor Array) is a compact, self-contained pressure scanner providing engineering data directly through an Ethernet connection […]
73zocconnectors1DSA3218 Pressure Scanner – Gas Measurement
The DSA3218 (Digital Sensor Array) is a rugged pressure scanner optimized for harsh environments like those found in gas turbine efficiency studies and performance tests […]
drawing1DSA3207 Pressure Scanner – Liquid Measurement
DSA3207 (Digital Sensor Array) is a rugged, self-contained liquid pressure scanner that outputs engineering data directly through an Ethernet connection […]
dsa3307_02bDSA3307 Pressure Scanner – Liquid Measurement
DSA3307 (Digital Sensor Array) is a rugged, Ethernet based, self-contained liquid differential (wet/wet) pressure scanner […]
dsaencl4000DSAENCL4000 19″ Rack Mount Enclosure
19″ Rack mounted enclosure for DSA3016 modules […]
2121DSA3016 – 19 inch rack mounted Digital Sensor Array
The DSA3016 pressure system is a rack mounted; modular system designed for multi-point measurements and is ideal for gas and steam turbine efficiency tests […]
dtscombocolorDTS4050 – 16 channel Thermocouple Scanner
The DTS4050 (Digital Temperature Scanner) was specifically designed for the challenges involved in gas turbine performance testing […]
dts3250-32DTS4050 – 32 channel Thermocouple Scanner
The DTS4050/32Tx is a versatile 32 channel thermocouple scanner designed for many applications like steam turbine efficiency tests or gas turbine design […]
dts3250-64DTS4050 – 64 channel Thermocouple Scanner
Model DTS4050, Digital Temperature Scanner, accepts 64 thermocouple inputs […]