DSAENCL4000 19″ Rack Mount Enclosure

Features and Specifications

  • Incorporates DSP technology for fast boot time and low data
  • “Hot Swapable” modules
  • Standard 19 inch rack mount
  • Available Digital Inputs and Digital Outputs
The  DSA3016 Digital Sensor Array is ideal for measuring pressures on turbomachinery, turbine engines, compressors, and other industrial applications where ambient temperatures vary. The DSA temperature compensated pressure sensors are more than ten times less sensitive to temperature than typical piezoresistive pressure sensors. Up to 8  DSA3016 pressure modules (16Px) are supported by a DSAENCL4000 enclosure (128Px inputs).  DSA3016 modules have a front panel power cutoff switch that allows them to be “Hot Swappable” without having to power down the system. They also have an illuminated power switch that blinks when scanning. The DSAENCL4000 enclosure has an Ethernet link and activity LED on the front.  DSA3016 pressure modules will work with all DSAENCL3000, 3200, and 4000 series enclosures.

Model DSA3016, Digital Sensor Array, is a rack mounted module designed for multiple pressure measurements. Each  DSA3016 module incorporates 16 temperature compensated piezoresistive pressure sensors, along with a pneumatic calibration valve. Field replaceable sensors assure that downtime is minimized in the unlikely event of sensor damage. Up to 8  DSA3016 Digital Sensor Array modules can be used in a 19 inch rack enclosure, Model DSAENCL4000.  The DSAENCL4000 pressure acquisition system represents the next generation of intelligent electronic pressure scanning. The state-of-the-art DSP technology is at the heart of our new 19 inch rack mounted DSAENCL4000 enclosure. Located on the backplane of the enclosure, the Digital Signal Processor (DSP) is a programmable device capable of extremely fast math functions that operate on the data stream in real time. All measurements are converted into Engineering Units.The DSP processor also controls the actuation of an internal calibration valve to perform on-line zero calibrations. Long term system accuracy is achieved for up to 6 months. All  DSA3016 modules manufactured after first quarter 2004 have an ID chip installed. The DSAENCL4000 DSP processor reads the serial number, pressure range, etc. of each  DSA3016 module and its location in the enclosure from the DSA module ID chip.Included with the DSAENCL4000 is a micro SD card.  It can be used for data storage and is easily removed for security reasons. The enclosure utilizes a pressure temperature look-up table to compensate the pressure sensors for temperature changes, thereby reducing thermal errors.



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