Wind Tunnel Test

The origins of the entire Scanivalve product line can be found in our industry leading wind tunnel instrumentation products. To this day, we continue to provide equipment for wind tunnel tests around the world.Our miniature scanner product, the ZOC series provides highly accurate data output in flexible, miniature package.  The ZOC scanners are supported by a proven, scalable, state of the art data acquisition system, the ERAD4000.  This combination has been used in aerodynamic wind tunnels around the world for a diverse spectrum of tests.

productsDSA3217 Pressure Scanner – Gas Measurement
DSA3217 (Digital Sensor Array) is a compact, self-contained pressure scanner providing engineering data directly through an Ethernet connection […]
MPS4264 is an Ethernet based, miniature pressure scanner designed specifically for wind tunnel test or any other tests where space is limited […]
zoc17_01aZOC17 pressure scanner
The ZOC17s rugged construction, temperature compensation and high pressure valve make it an ideal pressure scanner for flight test and aerospace pressure measurement requirements […]
zoc22_01aZOC22b miniature pressure scanner
The ZOC22’s unique low-profile design is designed to fit in aerodynamic shapes commonly tested in wind tunnels […]
zoc23bZOC23b miniature pressure scanner
The Model ZOC23b is similar to Scanivalve’s model ZOC22b electronic pressure scanner […]
zoc33_08aZOC33 miniature pressure scanner
The ZOC33 is a compact, reliable 64 channel pressure scanner designed for all wind tunnel tests from aerodynamic models to wind engineering studies […]
zoc33tcu_closed-croppedZOCTCU Thermal Control Unit
The ZOCTCU Thermal Control units are designed to provide a constant temperature environment for the ZOC17, ZOC22B, and ZOC33 pressure scanners […]
rad4000_18aERAD4000 Remote A/D
The ERAD4000 is a scalable, miniature data acquisition system designed to fit inside of the aerodynamic model being used in the wind tunnel test […]
2121DSA3016 – 19 inch rack mounted Digital Sensor Array
The DSA3016 pressure system is a rack mounted; modular system designed for multi-point measurements and is ideal for gas and steam turbine efficiency tests […]
spc4000_cmykSPC4000 Pressure Calibrator
The SPC4000 automated pressure calibrator is designed for automated calibrations of all Scanivalve products but can be used to calibrate any pressure instrumentation […]


This paper discusses the many factors that cause pneumatic frequency response offsets and how they relate to wind tunnel test setups.