Q:What are the power requirements?

The DTS4050/16Tx module requires .58A @ 28Vdc. If an optional heater is installed, the power consumption may be as high as 1.6A @ 28Vdc while the heater is operating.

The DTS4050/32Tx module requires .83A @ 28Vdc. If an optional heater is installed, ,the power consumption may be as high as 4.8A @ 28Vdc while the heater is operating.

The DTS4050/64Tx module requires 1.45A @ 28Vdc. The heater option is not available for this model.

Q:How do I change the IP address?

The most common reason to enter the bootloader is to check or change the IP address of the unit. Once the unit has booted up in the bootloader, send the com­mand “LIST IP” . The variable IPADD sets the device IP address. If desired, it can be modified and then saved with the SAVEIP command. Once the save has com­pleted, cycling the power on the unit will implement the new IP address.

A serial RS-232 port is also provided. The serial connection is designed to provide emergency communications should Ethernet communications not be available. Several impor­tant module variables can be configured through the serial port, but possibly the most important is the Ethernet IP address. If the IP address of the unit has been lost, a Serial connection is the only way to reset the IP address.

Q:How do I calibrate the DTS4050

All DTS4050 modules are calibrated to NIST traceable standards before they are shipped.  Scanivalve recommends subsequent cali­brations at 6 month intervals in order to maintain accuracy. Calibrations may be performed at the Scanivalve factory or by a customer in the field.  Customers who wish to perform their own calibrations can use Scanivalve’s free calibration software, “TempCal”.  TempCal can be downloaded at no cost from the Scanivalve website at www.scanivalve.com and then click on “get support”  and then “downloads”.

The TempCal software calibrates the voltage A/Ds in the DTS4050 module. It can be operated in either automatic or manual mode depending on the voltage standard being used.  In order to calibrate a DTS using TempCal, a calibra­tion harness is required. The calibration harness can be ordered from Scanivalve using the following part numbers:

21079-1 (for 16 channel DTS modules)

21079-2 (for 32 channel DTS modules)

21079-3 (for 64 channel DTS modules)

In addition to the calibration harness, a host computer run­ning Windows XP or Windows 7 and a DC voltage standard with a range of -10mV to +131mV and an accuracy of ±1.5μV or better is required. The procedure for performing a voltage calibration on a DTS using TempCal can be found in the TempCal software manual.

TempCal does not perform a recalibration of the RTDs. Calibration of the RTDs should be completed on a five year interval. Consult Scanivalve directly for a copy of the “full” calibration procedure including calibrating the RTDs.