ScanTel communications

Features and Specifications

  • This is a great software package
  • Easily connect to Scanivalve products using Ethernet
  • Variable configurations are easily modified
ScanTel is a support program for all Scanivalve DSA, DSM, RAD,
and DTS modules. It supports communication in ASCii or BINARY
formats. The Hyperterminal utlity is no longer available in the
Windows Operating System; therefore Scanivalve wrote the ScanTel
utility to easily communicate to Scanivalve products in Windows 7.
ScanTel is capable of running in both Windows XP and Windows 7
operating systems. It works much like like Hyperterminal in order
to connect to a product via an IP address.
This program can be downloaded at no charge from our website under
“support”.ScanTel was designed for easy Ethernet connections and
configuring variables. It is limited to sampling speeds of 5
Hz/channel and thus may not be good as a data acquisition