RDS3200 Remote Digital Switch

Features and Specifications

  • 24Vdc standard, 12 Vdc optional specified at time of order
  • Inorporates 8 software controlled digital switches
  • Up to 8 RDS3200 modules can be used on one RADBASE4000
The RDS3200 Remote Digital Switch connects to the end of the
RADBASE4000. User supplied 24Vdc power is required for this feature
(12Vdc optional). Software controls 8 digital switches on the
RDS3200. It is typically used to switch solenoid valves in the
model MSCP to facilitate ZOC calibration. These digital switches
can also be used to operate relays or other devices.
The RDS3200 module connects onto the RADBASE4000 Remote A/D. The
RDS3200 incorporates 8 software controlled switches that can open
or close relays that operate solenoid valves or other devices. The
RDS3200 is typically used in conjunction with Scanivalve’s model
MSCP Miniature Solenoid Control Pack to facilitate calibration of
ZOC pressure scanners.


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