Tubing Clamps

Features and Specifications
CLMP-xxx is a brass clamp-sizes available:CLMP-040, CLMP-063, CLMP-125NYCLMP-xxx is a stainless steel clamp- available sizes:NYCLMP-063, NYCLMP-125, NYCLMP-125HW (Heavy walled)
The Clamps are designed to secure the plastic tubing onto the
bulge of the tubulations. Typically, it is recommended to use these
clamps anytime the pressure will exceed 70 psi or when excessive
vibration or heat is present.A TPOTL-xxx tubing push on tool, or  NCSBTL2 or 3-xxx
NYCLMP Screw Back Tool is highly recommended to install plastic
tubing along with their helical Clamps/Nyclamps.
These tubing clamps are used to clamp plastic tubing onto the
stainless steel tubulations which extend from our Scanivalve
modules and line of connectors, reducers and manifolds. The brass
clamps fit over our vinyl and urethane tubing and hold the tubing
on the tubulation. The stainless steel clamp fit over our Nylon and
Teflon tubing.


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