Rectangular Pneumatic Connectors

Features and Specifications:
  • Number of tubes: 8, 10, or 12
  • Tubulation Sizes: .031 (no bulge), .040, .063, .125 inch
  • 300 psi maximum pressure range
  • Available colors: CLR(clear),GLD(gold),BLK(black),RED,GRN
    (green), and BLU(blue)
The materials of construction of these connectors are stainless
steel tubulations cemented into an anodized aluminum blocks. They
have a caged O-ring gasket design that seals when connected. The
maximum pressure rating is 300 psi.When used in a high vibration area or when making and breaking
connections multiple times, you may want to consider the same
designs only utilizing a brass body with the steel tubulations
silver soldered into the brass. This can also be used when an extra
safety factor is required to insure no leaks due to handling.The 2 connector halves can also contain different tubulation
sizes, thus using it as a tube reducer. In order to do this the
aluminum bodies have to be compatible–specify this when requested
a quote or placing an order.


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