Quick Couplers

Features and Specifications

  • Available sizes: .063 and .125 inch
  • Quickly change pressure “hook-ups”
  • Maximum Pressure is 1000 psi
The quick coupler is designed for use during pressure testing,
where there is a need for changing pressure “hook-ups” similar to
the use of electrical clip leads.Before connecting stainless tubulations, be sure the ends are
chamfered and smooth so as not to damage the internal O-ring. To
connect, push smooth end of tubing into coupler. Tubing is now
sealed with a captured internal O-ring and mechanically held by the
collett which is initially closed by spring force. When the coupler
is pressurized, and internal piston applies additional closing
force to the collett.To disconnect, shut off air supply then depress the collett.


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