Pneumatic Calibration/Purge Valve

Features and Specifications
  • 8 channel calibration/purge valve
  • Gas service only
  • Used when calibrating up to 8 individual pressure transducers.
  • Includes purge feature to purge 8 pressure transducer input lines
  • Maximum pressure rating is 850 psi.
The ZOCCAL/ADPT is a 3-way 8 channel (8P-3T) pneumatic logic valve ideal for calibrating up to 8 individual pressure transducers of similar pressure range. A 90-120 psi control pressure is required to switch the valve from the default measurement mode, to the calibration mode, purge, or isolate mode.This valve is only good for gas, and cannot be used with liquids.In the calibration mode, input pressures are isolated, allowing the user to apply a calibration pressure to the 8 transducers that are manifolded together. The purge mode allows a purge pressure to be input inorder to purge condensation, or contaminates back through the pressure input tubes.



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