DSA16EIM/16 Electrical Input Module

Features and Specifications

  • Scans 16 electrical channels
  • +/- 20mV up to 5Vdc inputs
  • Scans electrical signals at 625Hz/channel/sec
  • Compatable with all DSA & ZOC components and systems


The DSA16EIM/16 accepts 16 input signals from signal conditioned thermocouples, RTD, strain gauges, and from individual transducers for pressure, rpm, etc.  The DSA16EIM contains two user adjustments; amplifier gain and amplifier zero. Amplifier zero may be trimmed by adjusting a R16 resistor that is accessible by removing the side panel. Amplifier gain may be switched to one of 3 pre-programmed gains (1, 10, and 100) or a user specified gain.The DSA16EIM is designed to be used in conjunction with our DSAENCL4000 pressure measurement system.  The DSA16EIM may be mixed with other DSA3016 pressure scanning modules within one system.  An additional circuit may be factory installed to provide an excitation voltage for strain gauges, RTDs, or Pressure transducers. This circuit will provide +5Vdc at 50 mA. Other excitation voltages are available.



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