DSM4000 now features IEEE-1588 v2 PTP compatibility and multicast

The latest software release for the DSM4000 is packed with features. Every DSM4000 can now be upgraded to be IEEE-1588 v2 PTP compatible, and features multicast capabilities. PTP compatibility includes the ability for the DSM to act as a PTP master and serve the time to other compatible Scanivalve devices, or act as a slave and get the time from a PTP Grandmaster or other master device. This enables users to synchronize their scan data between their DSM and other PTP compliant device.

In addition to PTP, we have also released multicast features for the DSM scanner. This features allow a user to send a single scan, stop or find command from one unit on the multicast network to all the other units on the multicast network. The multicast feature is currently available on the 4000 series MPS and DSM products.