Power Industry – Wind Turbine Test

Scanivalve has many solutions to meet the unique demands put on wind turbine test equipment, each ensuring reliable output of quality pressure data.

In addition to offering instrumentation for wind turbine testing, Scanivalve has been intimately involved in several wind turbine development projects. This experience allows us to provide a very high level of support and customization to our wind turbine customers.  Scanivalve’s instrumentation has been used in many
full scale wind turbine tests to validate and correct the CFD modeling used in the initial development of the turbine.
Scanivalve instrumentation can also be used in monitor and control systems of wind turbines for tasks like wind direction monitoring and blade angle control.

dsa3217colorDSA3217 Pressure Scanner – Gas Measurement
DSA3217 (Digital Sensor Array) is a compact, self-contained pressure scanner providing engineering data directly through an Ethernet connection […]
zoc33_08aZOC33 miniature pressure scanner
The ZOC33 is a compact, reliable 64 channel pressure scanner designed for all wind tunnel tests from aerodynamic models to wind engineering studies […]
zoc33tcu_closed-croppedZOCTCU Thermal Control Unit
The ZOCTCU Thermal Control units are designed to provide a constant temperature environment for the ZOC17, ZOC22B, and ZOC33 pressure scanners […]
rad4000_18aERAD4000 Remote A/D
The ERAD4000 is a scalable, miniature data acquisition system designed to fit inside of the aerodynamic model being used in the wind tunnel test […]