Power Industry – Gas & Steam Turbines

Scanivalve’s robust and high accuracy pressure and temperature scanners are an ideal fit for steam turbine efficiency and performance tests.

With steam turbines being used worldwide for power generation,their efficiency plays a critical role in clean, cost effective power generation.  Scanivalve’s comprehensive instrumentation line provides accurate and simple tools to evaluate steam turbine efficiency and performance both during development and in daily operations.  Scanivalve pressure instrumentation can be used to determine turbine efficiency, indicate possible compressor blade tip erosion or other performance problems. Scanivalve’s pressure and temperature measurement equipment is designed to endure the harsh environments surrounding steam turbines as well as handle the unique demands of measuring pressures of highly saturated air and steam. The safety purge valves, described in Scanivalve Application Note No. 6 & 7, protect the pressure sensors from the potentially harmful steam pressures seen in steam turbine
efficiency tests. Where many sensors could normally not be used to measure liquid or high temperature steam pressures, this system has a continuous purge feature that isolates the sensors from the harsh media without affecting the accuracy of the data.

dsa3217colorDSA3217 Pressure Scanner – Gas Measurement
DSA3217 (Digital Sensor Array) is a compact, self-contained pressure scanner providing engineering data directly through an Ethernet connection […]
73zocconnectors1DSA3218 Pressure Scanner – Gas Measurement
The DSA3218 (Digital Sensor Array) is a rugged pressure scanner optimized for harsh environments like those found in gas turbine efficiency studies and performance tests […]
2121DSA3016 – 19 inch rack mounted Digital Sensor Array
The DSA3016 pressure system is a rack mounted; modular system designed for multi-point measurements and is ideal for gas and steam turbine efficiency tests […]
dtscombocolorDTS4050 – 16 channel Thermocouple Scanner
The DTS4050 (Digital Temperature Scanner) was specifically designed for the challenges involved in gas turbine performance testing […]
dts3250-32DTS4050 – 32 channel Thermocouple Scanner
The DTS4050/32Tx is a versatile 32 channel thermocouple scanner designed for many applications like steam turbine efficiency tests or gas turbine design […]
dts3250-64DTS4050 – 64 channel Thermocouple Scanner
Model DTS4050, Digital Temperature Scanner, accepts 64 thermocouple inputs […]
utr-pUTR-P Uniform Temperature Reference
The model UTR-P Uniform Temperature Reference is a 16 channel passive cold junction used with thermocouples […]
zocadpt_cal_valvePneumatic Calibration/Purge Valve
The ZOCCAL/ADPT is a 3-way 8 channel (8P-3T) pneumatic logic valve ideal for calibrating up to 8 individual pressure transducers of similar pressure range […]