Gas Turbine Performance Test

Scanivalve equipment is specialized for high accuracy performance testing of gas turbine engines. DSA pressure scanners and DTS temperature scanners are both designed for the harsh environments surrounding gas turbine development and testing.These tests can include developmental and design tests, efficiency studies and production performance testing. Whatever the specific gas turbine application, there is a Scanivalve instrumentation solution for your pressure and temperature needs.

dsa3217colorDSA3217 Pressure Scanner – Gas Measurement
DSA3217 (Digital Sensor Array) is a compact, self-contained pressure scanner providing engineering data directly through an Ethernet connection […]
73zocconnectors1DSA3218 Pressure Scanner – Gas Measurement
The DSA3218 (Digital Sensor Array) is a rugged pressure scanner optimized for harsh environments like those found in gas turbine efficiency studies and performance tests […]
drawing1DSA3207 Pressure Scanner – Liquid Measurement
DSA3207 (Digital Sensor Array) is a rugged, self-contained liquid pressure scanner that outputs engineering data directly through an Ethernet connection […]
dsa3307_02bDSA3307 Pressure Scanner – Liquid Measurement
DSA3307 (Digital Sensor Array) is a rugged, Ethernet based, self-contained liquid differential (wet/wet) pressure scanner […]
zoc33_08a ZOC33 miniature pressure scanner
The ZOC33 is a compact, reliable 64 channel pressure scanner designed for all wind tunnel tests from aerodynamic models to wind engineering studies […]
2121DSA3016 – 19 inch rack mounted Digital Sensor Array
The DSA3016 pressure system is a rack mounted; modular system designed for multi-point measurements and is ideal for gas and steam turbine efficiency tests […]
dtscombocolorDTS4050 – 16 channel Thermocouple Scanner
The DTS4050 (Digital Temperature Scanner) was specifically designed for the challenges involved in gas turbine performance testing […]
dts3250-32DTS4050 – 32 channel Thermocouple Scanner
The DTS4050/32Tx is a versatile 32 channel thermocouple scanner designed for many applications like steam turbine efficiency tests or gas turbine design […]
dts3250-64DTS4050 – 64 channel Thermocouple Scanner
Model DTS4050, Digital Temperature Scanner, accepts 64 thermocouple inputs […]


  • Tehcnical Paper – Why the 3rd wire? pdf (66.1 KB)
    A technical paper describing the 3rd signal wire in a thermocouple and how is relates to gas turbine performance tests.
  • DTS3250 Measurement Uncertainty Analysis pdf (1.1 MB)
    This is a detailed Measurement Uncertainty Analysis done on the DTS3250 series thermocouple scanner modules as required by several gas turbine performance tests.